OSIRISEA: Sustainability really looks good on all of us!

Today, as 2021 comes to an end, our mission – here at OSIRISEA – it’s clearer than ever: sustainable fashion should be more than the latest buzzword circulating around the fashion industry.

Producing billions of items every year, the fashion industry has a colossal impact on the environment, becoming an out-of-control business model. In the EU only, textile consumption is the 4th highest pressure category, in terms of use of primary raw materials and water; most of the pressure and impact being linked to clothing.

At OSIRISEA, we have worked hard to reduce our carbon emissions, saving energy in the production of our collections in our own workshop, in the most traditional and ethical way possible. This way, we control the production of each item from start to finish and avoid overproductions. We have turned our work model into a positive business, with a strong purpose.


Today, green is the new black

As sustainability has become a key topic for governments, communities, and businesses around the world, we felt a moral obligation to do all in our powers in this fight for a sustainable future.

Yet, the last 2 years weren’t that easy; with the pandemic playbook continuously being torn up, the business disruption and the day-to-day professional struggles / responsibilities it’s been challenging, to say the least. Without a doubt, it has been an opportunity to change and question our ways of doing things.


You kept us going

One of the most gratifying parts of the last two years was seeing many of you adhering to our thinking about the future. About a more sustainable future. Jokingly, we even adapted what is now a very tired phrase: “the new normal”, to “sustainable, the new normal”. I mean, it works, having in mind we’re continuously adapting and adjusting on the new processes / sales realities.

In other words, it works, taking into account that we are continuously adapting and adjusting to new processes and realities in the real world and the business world. Being a perfect opportunity to preach the thinking behind OSIRISEA, by integrating sustainability into our daily decisions.

The purpose of the company is to make overall sustainable responsibility a part of everyday activities. We strongly believe that things like motivation, healthy attitude and strong beliefs remain at the core of every great brand.

A process for the future

In addition to introducing new designs and products, we cemented our process, covering everything, from sustainable production to sustainable mentality.


I. 100% regenerated fabrics

We work with fabrics made with 100% regenerated nylon thread; transforming them into unique designs. To give the planet a break and help regain its harmony.


II. Carefuly curated

We carefully select and curate everything we put on our digital shelves in our own workshop. Following two simple rules: quality and comfort.


III. Recycled infinitely

Resulting in unique garments that can be infinitely recycled, reducing the impact of global warming by up to 90% in the manufacturing process.


Today we are more than grateful to each and every one of you and we hope you enter 2022 calmly, with a commitment of responsibility. Remember that the future is blank and it’s time to start writing on it with a more sustainable attitude and mindset, for a well-balanced planet and lifestyle.

Happy and productive 2022!