Ride the OSIRISEA fashion wave – Sustainable designs & love for nature

Fashion and sustainability

We are Earth, and our creations stand testimony that there is more to humanity than appearances, that there is more to fashion than an empty image. We take fashion seriously, and we militate for an evolution that is in harmony with the environment. OSIRISEA is here to make a statement; to help; to guide.

The fabrics we use are of the highest quality, and we make a point of offering regenerated fibers a new life, for a well-balanced, conscious business.

Fashion and sustainability

Our eco-friendly approach to fashion has done nothing but lead us on the right path to sustainability. With a zero-waste concept in mind, we tackle the modern world challenges daily, in our fight to rebuild a better, cleaner planet for our descendants.

Timeless sustainable designs

Born in Barcelona, a city where fashion is constantly evolving into unique personal styles, the OSIRISEA way of mixing together vintage designs, urban influences, and sustainable textures has thrived.

Inspired by the 80s and 90s, our first swimwear collection draws its strengths from the most loved marine ecosystems in the world: the amazing coral reefs. We studied these colonies and came up with stunning pieces that emulate species habitating this fantastic but endangered world.

Swimwear collection Osirisea.

Sun, Sand & Sea

The colors we use are inspired by nature, with its never-ending shades of pure life. We seek guidance in planning our designs at the bottom of the seas, over the vast golden sand beaches, in the sun kissing our salty skin. And we always find plenty of it.

Both our activewear and our swimwear collection revolve around Mother Earth. At their core stands the beauty of everyday life and its unlimited possibilities for growth.

What better to dress our bodies than the warm colors of earth and water?

Osirisea fashion colors

Conscious fashion for everyday needs

This is our way to raise awareness on what’s going on with the planet, while offering you exclusive, ethically crafted goods. This is our way of pointing the finger in the right direction and hoping more people will join.

The OSIRISEA dynamic designs and light textures help our clients understand the most important thing of all: you don’t need much to attain happiness in life. You only need solid goals and principles, simple lines to guide you, love for everything around you and, most of all, harmony.

Only by living in harmony with ourselves and with others, as well as with every piece of nature that lies at our feet we will succeed in changing the world, piece by piece. We joined a massive change in fashion, and we hope to make a difference. How would you like to make a difference alongside us? Let us know what is YOUR idea of living a sustainable life.