Our story

The initial name of the brand, Miss Luali, came during the fresh start in the fashion industry of Lilibeth Pereira in 2014. Lili, as her friends know her, was a lover of vintage and second-hand clothing.

Distinguishing her and her brand by bringing new influences with colorful fabrics, brooches, buttons and vintage jewelry. Creating unique pieces inspired by ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s designs.

Miss Luali evolved as an emerging brand in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and with ambitious goals, Lili decided to expand her creations with 80s and 90s style swimsuits. Her daring patterns were combined to offer unlimited urban looks and trends.

In 2021 Miss Luali has a purpose, and that’s the desire to achieve a better future through design and sustainability.

 A change that is part of the evolution of a business which projects ethical work and a transparent and sustainable trading model.

This change is nothing more than a step forward in growth. Thus was born Osirisea, the fusion of two elements Water and Earth, which represent the new commitment of the brand.

Join us and help to create a more sustainable future for the fashion industry and the world!