Get ready for summer – Good-vibes swimwear II

Arrecife swimwear inspiration

If you haven’t seen our Arrecife swimwear collection yet, head out to this article to catch up. Last time we dove a bit into the depths of the Osirisea inspiration for the gorgeous swimsuits that reflect the underwater wildlife in its truest colors. But there’s more to our collection.

In our search for designs unlike any others you’ve tried on, the Arrecife swimsuits ended up being a vivid tableau of marine beauty, with smooth lines and dynamic cuts and stitches that go beyond apparel.

Sensual Posidonia

Following the lines and curves of your body, Posidonia’s versatility is definitely one of its strong features.

Posidonia swimwear

The possibility to combine it with a full summer outfit comes along naturally with the way it has been designed, having a low-cut back and fine straps that add a drop of style and sophistication.

The gorgeously cut material elongates the figure and, thanks to the perfect-fit attributes it carries, the neckline promises to put under its spell any bypasser. Summer is the perfect season for new love, and with a second-skin swimsuit you don’t have to worry about anything—you’ll be your comfortable self until the very end!

Starry-eyed summer

A lovely two-piece, Asteroidea takes after the interesting species of starfish we can find on the ocean floor, being tailored in triangular patterns, much as our Corallium swimsuit.

The difference lies in the cuts, in the secure-fit bikini and bra, and, of course, in the colors. We simply loved the color combination that came up almost spontaneously after having the design in mind!

Astweriodea bathing suit 2021

Wearing this item of swimwear you will truly be a lovely starfish enjoying sun, sea and sand; the star of your own summer, prepared for every adventure that lies ahead. Perfectly adaptable to all shapes and sizes, Asteroidea is here to stay!

Intricate swimwear design

The last but not least of our newest designs is perhaps the most complex one. Imitating the amazing pattern of a turtle’s shell by overlapping soft bands of fabric held together by a durable string, Carey gives that ”WOW” effect everyone is searching for in any outfit.

Never before has swimwear been so carefully crafted to resemble Mother Nature; for we are It, and even the smallest of breezes, the tiniest of fish, the most insignificant grain of sand is one with nature. Why should humans try to break free from this nurturing cycle?

In designing Carey we were mindful, as always, of preserving the environment all the way in the manufacturing process. The recycled fabrics we used were transformed in this amazing swimsuit that praises the existence of the tortoise-shell turtle and wishes to carry along the smoothness with which this species navigates the clear waters.

Carey swimsuit Arrecife collection

When wearing Arrecife, you’re wearing the waves with their salty foam, the silky rays of sunshine, the charming mystery of every species we’ve tried to portray in our work. Which design suits you best?