Get ready for summer – Good-vibes swimwear I

Swimsuit 2021 model Scaridae

With summer right around the corner, everyone is looking for the perfect swimwear. Whether it’s a two-piece bathing suit or a gorgeous one-piece that makes you look like a mermaid in the warm morning sun, one thing is certain: it needs to be unique.

Each and every one of us has a uniqueness to our characters and physique that’s undeniable. Why hide it under a veil of common textures and designs?

With this in mind, together with a desire to raise awareness regarding the endangered species of our beloved marine habitats around the world, we created the Arrecife swimwear collection.

When sustainability meets art

Our creative journey was a complex one, with plenty of time to reflect on what makes us vibrate and what we want to give back to the world. At the end of our research lay beautifully crafted items that are both sustainable and modern, with a distinctive touch to them.

Sustainable clothing

Osirisea is an extremely attentive to details brand, and every piece of clothing we create breathes just that. Looking forward to dressing beautiful, diverse bodies, we have carefully put together textures, colors and cuts that aim to instill a feeling of freedom and pure happiness into the wearer’s heart.

Summer is a season of relaxation and joy, and everyone yarns for a bit of water to submerge in during the hottest months of the year. Why not do it completely, by actually wearing a piece of the sea on your tanned body?

Scaridae, a dynamic swimwear design

Arrecife speaks of magnificent species that can be found in the coral reefs, one of them being Scaridae (or the parrotfish), a multicolored creature that was a true inspiration for us. Just as the parrotfish camouflages inside the reefs, wearing this bathing suit will make you feel one with the waters around you.

Swimsuit 2021 model Scaridae

With an 80s twist to it, Scaridae is a swimsuit best fit for those who love taking the water by storm, its design bringing forward a sporty vibe.

Extremely comfortable, made from soft fabrics cut at smart angles to fit your body perfectly, this item is exactly what you’ve been looking for if you practice water sports or are an avid swimmer.

Colors and Corals

When it comes to the perfect two-piece swimwear, Corallium is here to make a difference. This design pays homage through both shape and color to the exquisite coral colonies that are now facing great dangers because of our failure to protect their habitat.

Bringing together the classic swimsuit design and the vibrant touch of a modern art passionate, Corallium is a multifunctional item that can give you exactly what you want. You can opt for a daring look or a more temperate one by simply playing around with the geometrically designed pieces of fabric.

Sustainable swimwear Corallium

Whatever you choose to wear around to the beach this summer, don’t forget to make it yours. Be sure it fits your body as well as it does your personality, and don’t compromise. There are plenty of items to choose from.

We brought forward only the best when designing our swimwear collection, and you haven’t even seen everything yet! Curious? Follow us for part two.