7 tips for a healthy life – Short guide to a better self

7 tips for a healthy life

How to easily live a healthy life

A healthy life is an active, well-rounded life. And when it comes to “how-tos”, there are plenty of experts giving out advice out there. We believe in keeping it simple, therefore we have put together a short guide to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Just remember, there is no “right” recipe for success. However you choose to tackle the below tips and tricks, it’s important you do it your way, all the way.

Exercise a few days a week

While we all sometimes enjoy lying around doing nothing, your body needs that extra TLC to give you the best it can. And I’m not talking about pampering, we’ll cover that later.

Exercise for a healthy life

Exercising is one of the best ways to relieve stress, anxiety, to manage emotional distress, and to literally feel like you’re on top of the world. There is nothing better!

Try active relaxation

If you thought the only way to unwind is to lounge about or watch Netflix, we’ve got news! Through active relaxation, you not only achieve mind and body relaxation, but you manage to ease your soul. How does a soul relax, you might ask? Great question.

There are a few things out there that help you get in touch with your inner person and spend valuable time “together”. The ones we appreciate the most are meditation and yoga, for the purity that lies in the action itself. So put your activewear on, and start that stretching session.

7 tips for a healthy life

Eat well, sleep well

After all that activity, you might be getting hungry. It’s time you fixed yourself a balanced meal. A healthy life always starts from within. There is also a general rule you can apply here.

Nutritionists advise to fill your plate as follows: ½ vegetables and fruits, the more colorful, the better; ¼ complex carbs—aim for the non-starchy ones and for whole grains; ¼ lean protein, with less red meat and cheese, but plenty of fish and poultry, with an extra pinch of yummy nuts.

Add a bit of healthy fats to your diet, but stay away from trans fats. You can indulge yourself in a treat once in a while, but don’t overdo it. Balance is key in everything, especially in an active lifestyle.

Don’t forget to feed your mind

Now that your belly is full, how about taking care of your mind? Make a habit out of reading at least 30 minutes a day, and take on activities that challenge your brain.

Reading for a healthy lifestyle

Chess, Sudoku, and crosswords are great for those pesky neurons. The benefits of introducing these in your routine are of the long-term variety. Basically, you’re training your mind to “live” longer and remain more alert. And we all want that!

Take time for yourself

Between the work hassle and the unending home chores, you must find it difficult to take care of yourself every now and then. But it’s important you don’t skip that.

When it comes to pampering, even 20 minutes where you soak in a bubble bath or put on a hydrating mask will do wonders. Just close your eyes, and let your mind rest. Eat your favorite ice cream. Call your BFF and get the burden of those last days off your shoulders. Just…relax.

I know many of you haven’t gotten the chance yet to value time spent with oneself, but you will. Soon. When that day comes, remember to keep some extra minutes for yourself. They will be priceless.

Give back with gratitude

And since we all have so much to be thankful for, a great way to feel good with yourself is giving back to the community, to the world that nurtures you and keeps you safe.

Giving back

Choose a charity to donate for, buy some animal food and leave it at a shelter, or help your neighbor in need. Any small act of kindness helps.

Become a better YOU

As you should everything in life, take each thing at a time. Don’t rush. There is a time and place for every action, and the Universe will see to it that it happens accordingly. The important thing is to remain true to yourself while helping the change take its course.

A healthy life is based on a healthy daily routine, on healthy habits that shape your week into time filled with energy, content, and pure joy of living. And that is something to strive for.

Which of our 7 tips you have already incorporated in your lifestyle? Are there more you think we should add to the list? Let us know!